It seems like everyone’s a geek these days, and it’s not easy anymore to decide what kind of geek someone is. When you head to a convention or even when you are just getting to know someone, it can be very handy to figure out what kind of geek someone is before you proceed.

Consider the fact that they might be a pop culture geek. Pop culture geeks are all about modern media and celebrities. They may be incredibly, creepily current on the lives of the Kardishans and they may have whole episodes of their favorite television show memorizes.

Compare this with a cosplay geek, who’s all about making costumes. Though cosplay geeks are most famous in the anime fandoms, you’ll find that the tradition goes back to people dressing in Star Trek uniforms. You can spot the cosplay geek by looking for the deep purple circles under their eyes that they acquired after a long, long night of careful stitching.

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