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TrueNet Cloud Backup using Veeam Cloud Connect

Backing up data is a fundamental business need. However, a good backup strategy is required to ensure complete data availability and recovery. The 3-2-1 rule has become a solid plan for data protection and includes:

3 ~ Have at least THREE copies of your data.
2 ~ Store the copies on TWO different media.
1 ~ Keep ONE backup copy offsite.

Securely and reliably store your VMware and Hyper-V backups in the cloud using TrueNet Veeam Cloud Connect.

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TrueNet and Veeam Cloud Connect Offsite Data Backup

  • No setup fees and no long term contracts.

  • Per Gig pricing and virtually no limit on the amount of storage.

  • No tapes to transport and no infrastructure to maintain.

  • Privately owned data center allows for fast onsite seeding and data recovery.

  • Run backups on your schedule and continuously copy them to the cloud.

  • Single end-to-end SSL encryption with no need for VPN tunnels.

  • Granular restoration to recover VM’s or individual files anytime.

  • WAN acceleration provides faster backup with less bandwidth consumption.

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