How to Backup and Archive in Outlook 2013

These days we tend to take our data for granted, that is until there is a problem. That's when the panic sets in. However with this very helpful article from the guys over at How-To-Geek you'll be prepared. Pair this article with our data backup service and you'll have piece of mind that your data is not only backed up, but in a safe secure facility. TrueNet's backup solutions can be configured to grab all your backup files from outlook along with backing up any other essential data that you may have on your PC. Call us today for pricing and details on our backup software service and start feeling better about your data's safety.   Direct link to How-To-Geek's article...  Beginner: How to Maintain, Archive, and Back Up Your Data in Outlook 2013 Direct Link - TrueNet Backup Services

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Changing The Way We Communicate

License: Creative Commons image source Before fiber-optic cables were introduced, communication networks were constructed solely of copper wiring. Since the introduction of fiber-optic cables, we are beginning to see more networks being constructed of them. As fiber-optics is finding its way in more places around the globe, it is truly revolutionizing the way we communicate with one another. Data Transmition is Quicker Than Ever Modern fiber-optic cables can transmit several terabits of data per second whereas copper wires are not able to transmit data even close to that speed. Traditional copper wires can only transmit as much as 2.5 megabits each second. Because fiber-optics can transmit data at such fast rates, Internet users can enjoy even greater amounts of bandwidth, and people can hear one another more clearly when teleconferencing and making phone calls. More People Have Access to Quality Telecommunication Services Since fiber-optic cables are cheaper and easier to deploy then the traditional copper wiring, more people in rural areas are able to enjoy quality telecommunication services. No longer are these people going to be restricted to satellite television that goes out when it rains or dialup Internet that crawls slower than the speed of a turtle. As more rural areas are connected to major networks, we are beginning to see an increase in subscribers to high speed Internet and cable TV. Less Interference Traditional copper wires are vulnerable to magnetism. When anything magnetic comes anywhere close to these wires, there is interference in the signals. This will explain why people sometimes have static or interference while they are on phone calls. Fiber-optic cables do have metal components; however, these components are not used to carry the signal. So, users can enjoy [...]

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The Sacred Order of Geeks

It seems like everyone's a geek these days, and it's not easy anymore to decide what kind of geek someone is. When you head to a convention or even when you are just getting to know someone, it can be very handy to figure out what kind of geek someone is before you proceed. Consider the fact that they might be a pop culture geek. Pop culture geeks are all about modern media and celebrities. They may be incredibly, creepily current on the lives of the Kardishans and they may have whole episodes of their favorite television show memorizes. Compare this with a cosplay geek, who's all about making costumes. Though cosplay geeks are most famous in the anime fandoms, you'll find that the tradition goes back to people dressing in Star Trek uniforms. You can spot the cosplay geek by looking for the deep purple circles under their eyes that they acquired after a long, long night of careful stitching. Source: Best Colleges Online

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