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TrueNet now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services.

TrueNet is proud to announce the addition of both Comcast Cable TV and Verizon Cable TV services.  These newest additions to our product line up will allow us to further expand our service offerings to new markets. You will have access to the full channel line-up that these providers have to offer. Comcast and Verizon services can be ordered for our datacenter location directly from Comcast and Verizon. Who needs cable TV service to their cabinet you might ask? Example of both Comcast and Verizon going to a single rack That's a good question... You may be surprised by how many organizations benefit from having access to both Comcast and Verizon broadcast TV services.  Some organizations will use the service for content auditing, advertising & demographic research, and as simple a local signal re-broadcasting.

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What Is Colocation

A frequent question asked of our sales team is "What is Colocation"? In a previous blog post we looked more at the benefits or server colocation than  explaining what it actually "is". In this post we'll dive into defining what the actual service is and some common terms associated with it. So....what is Server Colocation? Server Colocation (or Colo, Colo Hosting, Cloud Hosting or Collocation) is a service that allows businesses to physically bring their servers, computers or other hardware into a data center, and out of their office or other location.  Think of the data center as a hotel,  for Servers or Computers.  Just as a hotel is made up of rooms for guests to stay in, the data center consists of rows of cabinets (or racks), that each hold individual servers.   Data Center The Data Center Think of the data center as a hotel,  only for Servers or Computers.  Just as a hotel is made up of rooms for guests to stay in, the data center consists of rows of cabinets (or racks), that each hold servers, computers and other hardware. Just as a hotel supplies it's guests with a shower, tv and other amenities, so does the Data Center. Each cabinet in a data center has an internet connection, power and cooling delivered to it. Each server in the cabinet has access to electricity and a high speed internet connection, as well as cooling. Data Centers typically have multiple, expensive pipes to the Internet using different internet providers so that they can provide uninterrupted internet access. If the facility loses internet through one carrier, they can automatically flip over to another carrier and so on. Likewise with electricity, most [...]

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End of Year Server Colocation Blow Out!

Free Set-Up, Free First Month, No Contract and 10% or MORE Off All Colocation Services Promotion good now through 12/31/2011 There is no better time to colocate a Server with TrueNet. To celebrate the end of a fantastic 2011, we're discounting pricing on all Server Colocation packages, slashing all set-up and installation charges AND giving away the first month free. To top it off, there are absolutely no contracts to sign - all new colocation customers from now until the end of 2011 can enjoy the freedom of month-to-month service without the worries of being locked into a lengthy collocation contract. This promotion is good on all server colocation services including: 1U - 4U Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $179.95/Mo, Now $159.95 Quarter Cabinet (10U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $699.95/Mo, Now $649.95 Half Cabinet (20U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $999.95/Mo, Now $939.95 Full Cabinet (40U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $1499.95/Mo, Now $1399.95 To get a quote or find out more about our End of year Server Colocation promotion, call us 888-878-3638 (toll free) or (610) 429-8300 (Philadelphia Area) or message us!

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5 Ways Server Colocation Can Benefit Your Business

"What is Server Colocation?" This is a question we are asked by our clients at least several times per month.   When we tell them what it is, the next question is usually "How would that benefit my business?".   The answer to that question really varies from business to business. Colocating a Server - or Server Colocation  - simply means "to put or house your business server or hardware in a Data Center".   There are many reasons to put your server in a data center.  Say for example, a business has it's own email server - such as a Microsoft Exchange Email Server - and it's physically located inside of their office.   The employee's of this business need access to their email, calendars and contacts when they are on the road, at home or on vacation.  They need access not just during business hours - but 24 x 7.   Now say, for example, the Internet connection in the office goes down.   If this business is using DSL, Cable, FiOS or another non-priority internet service, the internet connection could  be down for days.   During this outage, how will their employees send email or see their upcoming appointments? How will they communicate with customers?  If there is not a business continuity plan or backup strategy in place, they may not be able to communicate at all. Once the Internet comes back online, the business owner decides to keep the original Internet connection (costing him $150.00/mo), but also decides to bring in an additional internet connection in case the first connections fails.   He decides he needs an internet connection that is guaranteed and business class.  He decides to order a T1 Internet Connection - which is guaranteed [...]

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