TrueNet now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services.

TrueNet is proud to announce the addition of both Comcast Cable TV and Verizon Cable TV services.  These newest additions to our product line up will allow us to further expand our service offerings to new markets. You will have access to the full channel line-up that these providers have to offer. Comcast and Verizon services can be ordered for our datacenter location directly from Comcast and Verizon. Who needs cable TV service to their cabinet you might ask? Example of both Comcast and Verizon going to a single rack That's a good question... You may be surprised by how many organizations benefit from having access to both Comcast and Verizon broadcast TV services.  Some organizations will use the service for content auditing, advertising & demographic research, and as simple a local signal re-broadcasting.

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Our New Website is Here!

Finally.   Our new website is launching today - we're really excited to get it online and in front of potential clients, agents, carriers and providers.   We know you will agree our old site was VERY outdated and lacked alot of solid information.   As time has changed, so have our service offerings and focus. The new site is still in "BETA" and some pages are obviously still missing content - but we REALLY needed to pull our old website down, so we couldn't wait any longer.   Even in BETA, we think it's far, far better than our old site. Stay tuned to this blog for all of TrueNet's updates.   There's some HUGE things on the horizon for us at TrueNet and our next blog post will detail of the things we have planned.

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