Transitioning To VoIP

Transitioning to VoIP Voice over Internet protocol, generally known as VoIP, is a technology that allows individuals to communicate with one another across an Internet connection. VoIP technology can be used in place of a traditional phone line in order to make and receive calls. For many business leaders, business VoIP services hold significant promise. This cost-effective, highly dependable technology offers a great way for businesses to consolidate their tech needs while staying on the cutting edge. Offices that use VoIP are able to communicate with employees in the field and satellite offices via an Internet connection. There is no need to set-up both a computer and telephone at every workstation to enable employee calls. Employees can simply use a VoIP connection to make any outbound calls necessary. Employees can also receive calls via their VoIP connections. Handle Calls No Matter Where You Are Business professionals who are always on the go appreciate the ease-of-use offered by VoIP services. Instead of being chained to an office-based telephone, you can take your office number with you wherever you travel. So long as you have a computer equipped with VoIP software and an Internet connection; you will be able to make and receive phone calls. VoIP calls are generally less expensive than cell phone calls. Depending on the Internet connection in your area, VoIP calls may also have better sound clarity and may be more reliable. Workers who telecommute can also use VoIP services to stay in touch with their office, clients and other employees. Including such employees in a business VoIP service plan is very easy. Companies don't even need to worry about collecting expense reports for the use of private phones when they provide telecommuters [...]

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Benefits Of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Thanks to cloud computing small and medium sized businesses are able to access computing power that would have normally only been reserved for the big companies with deep pockets. In many cases it makes it possible for these small businesses to operate at all. So how do they do it? Flexibility and Reliability For somebody who is starting out in business or in fact even if it's a large company having made the switch to the cloud, it facilitates the reallocation of resources in to a more profitable model of operation. You're probably using a cloud based service already without realizing it. Most companies have their own email servers, but free email such as Hotmail and Gmail are cloud based and are reputed for their flexibility and more importantly their reliability. Mobility and Compatibility The wonderful thing about the cloud is that you can access your company information from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. More and more commuter services have Wi-Fi meaning that if you have to commute long distances, in theory you can add an extra couple of hours of work to your day and boost overall productivity. Applications that are based on the cloud don't suffer the problem of compatibility, so whether you are using a PC or a Mac you can work unhindered. Saving Money Cloud computing it has meant that through online applications and programs businesses no longer have the necessity to purchase hardware and software licenses which can add up to be unnecessarily expensive if they're not using them to their full potential. It allows is for businesses to pay only for services they require such as cloud accounting, payroll systems, and invoicing, essentially managing their data [...]

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RAID Solutions for Server Storage Can Benefit Your Business

Implementing a RAID server storage system in an enterprise environment can provide numerous advantages, which has made it a very popular choice across numerous industries. This has been a noticeable trend in the storage industry recently. These solutions can be found in every segment of the server marker. Server RAID technology can accelerate the performance of applications, improve the efficiency of information technology, make work more efficient in environments such as data centers and protect data even as it grows at an exponential rate. At the same time, this technology is capable of providing the best possible levels of throughput without greatly reducing capacity or increasing costs. Noticeable Trends  RAID solutions have been booming in recent years. In fact, this is perhaps the biggest and most prominent movement or trend in the data storage industry. There are many new products and applications on the market as a result. Leading innovators such as the LSI Corporation have caught onto the trends and released a number of progressive products that are aiding in the transition towards external storage for businesses and organizations worldwide. This movement has been so monumental for a number of reasons, but when it comes down to it, the following are the biggest benefits: Easily available throughout several platforms Enhanced provisioning capabilities More manageable for wide range of users Reduced total cost of ownership for large-scale configurations Implications of This Movement For smaller configurations, direct attached storage (DAS) still provides some distinct advantages, which is one limitation of this technology. Data centers and smaller businesses often rely on DAS systems because of the advantageous cost structure, both in terms of management, labor and equipment expenditures. Even this is changing, though, because the advantages of [...]

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Cloud Computing 101 For Small Business

Cloud computing is taking the tech world by storm, and while it’s existed in some form or another for a while now, it’s picking up steam faster than ever. So what exactly is this new tech phenomenon? Cloud computing refers to the practice of hosting services, applications, and software remotely and using the internet to deliver them. This contrasts with more traditional modes of computing, in which software must be purchased and installed for every individual computer. You’re Already Using Cloud Computing, Whether You Know It Or Not As Jonathan Strickland of How Stuff Works helpfully points out, an example of cloud computing in our daily lives is the use of email sites such as Gmail or Yahoo. Instead of installing email software on your computer, you simply use the internet to access an email program, which is available to you from any location. Your computer doesn’t have to waste its precious hard drive space and memory on running unnecessary programs, letting the cloud do the heavy lifting instead. Cloud Computing And Small Business How do the principles behind cloud computing apply to small business? The same way that using email sites allows us to be free from the constraints of computer-specific email programs, the cloud can be used to host the software you need to run your small business. Rather than installing expensive, unwieldy programs on every new computer you bring on board, you can use the cloud to give your employees access to the software they need. Cloud Sourcing Part of the broader trend of cloud computing is the increasingly popular practice of cloud sourcing. It entails using the proverbial cloud to fulfill IT needs, essentially outsourcing the IT department to a third party [...]

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ALERT: Verizon DSL Mass Outage

Verizon is currently experiencing a mass outage in LATA 228 (Philadelphia and Delaware) on their DSL network. TrueNet is a partner with Verizon and utilizes them for the "last mile" on our Business DSL network. TrueNet technicians saw the issue begin at approximately 4:15 this morning with business high speed DSL customers losing connection and experiencing extremely slow throughput. At this time there is no ETA for repair and it appears to be an issue with equipment. TrueNet will keep our customers updated as frequently as possible throughout this outage. As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak to our support staff, please feel free to call us at (Philadelphia Area) 610-429-8300 or toll-free 1-888-878-3638.

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What Is Colocation

A frequent question asked of our sales team is "What is Colocation"? In a previous blog post we looked more at the benefits or server colocation than  explaining what it actually "is". In this post we'll dive into defining what the actual service is and some common terms associated with it. So....what is Server Colocation? Server Colocation (or Colo, Colo Hosting, Cloud Hosting or Collocation) is a service that allows businesses to physically bring their servers, computers or other hardware into a data center, and out of their office or other location.  Think of the data center as a hotel,  for Servers or Computers.  Just as a hotel is made up of rooms for guests to stay in, the data center consists of rows of cabinets (or racks), that each hold individual servers.   Data Center The Data Center Think of the data center as a hotel,  only for Servers or Computers.  Just as a hotel is made up of rooms for guests to stay in, the data center consists of rows of cabinets (or racks), that each hold servers, computers and other hardware. Just as a hotel supplies it's guests with a shower, tv and other amenities, so does the Data Center. Each cabinet in a data center has an internet connection, power and cooling delivered to it. Each server in the cabinet has access to electricity and a high speed internet connection, as well as cooling. Data Centers typically have multiple, expensive pipes to the Internet using different internet providers so that they can provide uninterrupted internet access. If the facility loses internet through one carrier, they can automatically flip over to another carrier and so on. Likewise with electricity, most [...]

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End of Year Server Colocation Blow Out!

Free Set-Up, Free First Month, No Contract and 10% or MORE Off All Colocation Services Promotion good now through 12/31/2011 There is no better time to colocate a Server with TrueNet. To celebrate the end of a fantastic 2011, we're discounting pricing on all Server Colocation packages, slashing all set-up and installation charges AND giving away the first month free. To top it off, there are absolutely no contracts to sign - all new colocation customers from now until the end of 2011 can enjoy the freedom of month-to-month service without the worries of being locked into a lengthy collocation contract. This promotion is good on all server colocation services including: 1U - 4U Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $179.95/Mo, Now $159.95 Quarter Cabinet (10U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $699.95/Mo, Now $649.95 Half Cabinet (20U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $999.95/Mo, Now $939.95 Full Cabinet (40U Rack Space) Server Colocation: Standard Price starting at $1499.95/Mo, Now $1399.95 To get a quote or find out more about our End of year Server Colocation promotion, call us 888-878-3638 (toll free) or (610) 429-8300 (Philadelphia Area) or message us!

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T1 vs DSL

There are many internet service options available for businesses today. They range in speed from under 1 Mbps (1000 Kbps) to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps), reliability, uptime, repair time, installation time and how quick they are (latency). In this post, we'll compare two popular internet services - DSL and T1 Internet Access. The differences between the two are night and day, but to put it simply "you get what you pay for". T1 Internet Access The downside of T1's Expensive: Starting at $250.Mo and up Slow Speed The upside of T1's Available virtually anywhere Quick: Very Low Latency Consistent Extremely Reliable Immediate response to trouble or outages Ability to handle Voice traffic well Guaranteed by the Telephone companies T1 circuits are copper based circuits that are delivered to a business using a dedicated line (not shared - private). T1's have been popular for years because of their reliability, guarantees and quick performance. They are considered by many as entry level business class connections - meaning they are designed for business use and will provide maximum up-time and performance. A stand alone T1 line provides 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth, which is slow by today's standards. However, by combining or bonding multiple T1 lines, it is possible to reach speeds of 12 Mbps. T1's are expensive - typically ranging from $250.00/mo to upwards of $900.00/mo or more. This makes T1's one of the most expensive connections when breaking it down "Per Meg". Although they have a smaller internet "pipe" and are more expensive then consumer level connections such as FiOS, DSL and Cable, they are truly business class connections that will deliver consistent up-time and reliability. People normally assume that the more bandwidth a connection provides, the [...]

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5 Ways Server Colocation Can Benefit Your Business

"What is Server Colocation?" This is a question we are asked by our clients at least several times per month.   When we tell them what it is, the next question is usually "How would that benefit my business?".   The answer to that question really varies from business to business. Colocating a Server - or Server Colocation  - simply means "to put or house your business server or hardware in a Data Center".   There are many reasons to put your server in a data center.  Say for example, a business has it's own email server - such as a Microsoft Exchange Email Server - and it's physically located inside of their office.   The employee's of this business need access to their email, calendars and contacts when they are on the road, at home or on vacation.  They need access not just during business hours - but 24 x 7.   Now say, for example, the Internet connection in the office goes down.   If this business is using DSL, Cable, FiOS or another non-priority internet service, the internet connection could  be down for days.   During this outage, how will their employees send email or see their upcoming appointments? How will they communicate with customers?  If there is not a business continuity plan or backup strategy in place, they may not be able to communicate at all. Once the Internet comes back online, the business owner decides to keep the original Internet connection (costing him $150.00/mo), but also decides to bring in an additional internet connection in case the first connections fails.   He decides he needs an internet connection that is guaranteed and business class.  He decides to order a T1 Internet Connection - which is guaranteed [...]

SmarterMail 9.0 Coming in Early 2012

TrueNet Hosted SmarterMail Version 9.0 Expected Soon TrueNet's SmarterMail Business Email hosting platform already delivers Microsoft Exchange capabilities and is the leading Microsoft Exchange Server alternative. With the expected release of version 9.x, the SmarterMail platform is taking early steps to not only deliver Exchange collaboration and world-class email services, but will also be incorporating an instant messaging feature. The instant messaging feature is designed to provide instant communication within a company and sounds very similar to the messaging feature offered by another Microsoft platform - Microsoft Link (or OCS). Other improvements with version 9 include improved synchronization of email, contacts and tasks using Microsoft EWS, better integration with Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac) and Outlook 2012 (Windows) and improvements to the installation and set-up process. Version 9.0 Hosted SmarterMail Features Improved Sync capabilities using Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) Faster user interface New Sync capabilities for new tablet and mobile phone operating systems Including Ice Cream Sandwich, iOS 5, Mango, Lion and others Instant Messaging platform for super fast inter-office communication Instant messaging will be available through the web portal, mobile devices and desktop computers! No price increase or additional costs for current TrueNet Hosted SmarterMail users Check out TrueNet's hosted business email service including Hosted SmarterMail for pricing and ordering information.

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