Dedicated Server Hosting

TrueNet offers the best managed dedicated server solutions available with our unbeatable support. Dedicated server solutions are available with Linux or Windows operating systems or your choice of VMware or HyperV and come with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring. These are NOT virtual servers, but instead fully dedicated servers. You have full control over the dedicated server, and you can setup the server to meet your needs.

4 servers


  • Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core
  • 16GB RAM
  • Two 2TB Hard Drives
  • 2000GB Transfer
  • Single IPv4 Address
  • $200 Setup Fee


  • Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core
  • 32GB RAM
  • Two 2TB Hard Drives
  • 2500GB Transfer
  • Two IPv4 Address
  • $200 Setup Fee


  • Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core
  • 64GB RAM
  • Two 2TB Hard Drives
  • 2500GB Transfer
  • Two IPv4 Address
  • $200 Setup Fee


  • Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core
  • 96GB RAM
  • Two 4TB Hard Drives
  • 3000GB Transfer
  • Four IPv4 Address
  • $300 Setup Fee

Getting Started

To get started, we need to determine what server specs and operating environment is the right choice for you.  There are several things to consider while making your decision.

What operating system is the right choice for your project. Linux is a free open source operating system that has been used in production servers for years. Microsoft Windows is a paid product and will require additional costs for licensing. Microsoft operating systems are licensed per physical processor in a server. (Example, a dual CPU server will require two Microsoft licenses, one for each processor.
Do you have any special licensing requirements, are they affected by the server hardware specifications, such as processor count? Do you need a hosting control panel for the server to automate the provisioning of websites, users, etc. (example – Plesk, cPanel, Webmin, Virtualmin, etc.)
Will your server require large amounts of memory (RAM)? This can be affected by running large databases, high number of transactions, etc.
What type of Internet traffic will you be generating? Do you have any special requirements, such as the need to burst to certain speeds
Will you have the need for more than a single IP address? If so, does your requirement meet ARIN IP utilization guidelines.
Do you need to secure the server with a hardware firewall or will a software firewall meet your requirements?


What’s next?

Have you decided on a server? Ready to place an order, or have you placed an order and now want to know what’s next? TrueNet will process your order within several hours and contact you via email or phone with an potential questions. Once your order is in, we will have your server setup and ready within 48 business hours. We take great care during the setup process to ensure that there are no issues with hardware, software, or server connectivity. Once your server is completed, we will email you the server “Welcome Letter” that will contain all your server information and login.

TrueNet Advantages

TrueNet is a privately owned and operated in our own bricks and mortar building. We are not located within a carrier hotel or similar location. Therefore we are not simply a middle man for your hosting environment. Owning our own building also allows us the security of knowing that we control all facilities management. That in turn allows us to have a much higher standard for the care and maintenance of our equipment. Meaning, no sub-par parts like belts, filters, batteries, etc. We strive to maintain an N+1 mentality across our entire infrastructure, from cooling, to parts, and even our core/edge routing equipment. This translates into faster recovery from potential disasters, equipment failure, etc.

Server Management

TrueNet offers a range of server management options. Please call for details.